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Shubb C1 Steel String Guitar Capo, Nickel

MSRP: $24.95
Price: $22.99
You Save: $1.96 (8 %)

Standard Shubb Capo in polished nickel finish. The choice of millions of musicians worldwide, now upgraded to feature the roller design and contoured lever.Capo for steel string guitar. Fits most acoustics and electrics 
2" wide, radius fretboard.
 All the capo styles on this page will fit the same neck shape.

INTONATION — A capo's greatest challenge
Any capo can casually claim that it “doesn't put the guitar out of tune”
but we really mean it, and we take it very seriously!

Of course, to even begin to address tuning issues, a capo must be totally adjustable. This narrows the field a bit, but Shubb is not the only adjustable capo. So what makes a Shubb so special? When we developed our capo, our main job was to minimize or eliminate the need for retuning. We accomplished this by designing 1. a unique material that acts just like your fingertip 2. a patented closing action that works exactly like your hand 3. a one-time adjustment that provides the ideal pressure every time.

Item Number: SC1
Manufacturer: Shubb
Manufacturer Part No: SC1

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