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Rockin' Robin Guitars FAQ!

How long have you all been around?
We have been in buisness since 1972, at our current location since the early 80's here in Houston Texas.

What are your store hours?
We are open from 12-6 on Monday, 10-7 Monday through Friday EXCEPT Thursday we are open till 9pm. Saturday we are open 10-6.

What price ranges are your guitars?

Everything from a under 200 dollar entry level item to thousands of dollars for vintage and high end items... we have something for everyone!

Why should I come to your store instead of that other place?
We feel we offer a better experience than just about any other place you could buy gear. Our staff has years of experience and passion for what we do. We aren't some big mega company, just a small mom and pop guitar and music store that has survived the test of time. We love our customers and try our best not to sell you a guitar or drum... but to create a friendship and invite you into our family of music lovers. Our staff is made up of people from many different music tastes and backgrounds, and cultures. So if your into blues, punk, new wave, country, or.. whatever we have someone to help you find what you are looking for! 

Can I bring my guitar in to try out......x y or z?
Yes! Please do!

Do you offer guitar repair?
We sure do, we have an amazing repair department here and normally have a repair person every day on staff.

Do you offer amp repair? Pedal repair?
Yes, however this is not done on site but within the company.

I want to sell you / trade you my guitar... drums....ect...
Well feel free to contact us about it, we would love to hear about your item. We are always interested in buying and trading items. 

What brands do you sell?

We sell a ton of brands new, the main ones are Fender, Squire, Orange, Mesa, Martin, Taylor, Lakeland, Collings. Roland, Boss, TC Electronics, TC Electronics, Godin, Seagull, DBZ Diamond, Kamaka...and many many others.... We have an endless brand of used items from every brand you can imagine!

I am looking for something I don't see on your website.
I make every effort to put as much stuff on our website as possible but ... it's SO MUCH STUFF. So please email or contact us, also keep checking back since our inventory changes almost daily.