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Rocking Houston Since 1972.

 In 1972 a legend in music was born, a music store founded by musicans and music lovers. At Rockin' Robin we sell everything from the rarest vintage gear, to entry level products to start out. Guitars, Bass, Amps, Drums, Ukes, Sound Equipment, and all the add ons. The newest guitar pedals for the coolest tone, or just some strings or drum sticks we are your one stop source for everything you will need or desire. Music is our passion, and your total satisfaction as a customer is our mission. Walking into Rockin' Robin is like a who's who of the local scene so you know you'll get great advice and walk out with exactly what you needed.

Service, Lessons & Expert Advice.

Broken guitar? Amp not sounding so great? We can help, check out our amazing in house guitar repair department seven days a week. The best repair team in the south can fix your Squire or restore your classic axe. Years of experiance and the skills to back it up. Professional set ups, friendly techs, and amazing advice. We also have a professional teaching staff ready to help you learn guitar, piano, bass, drums, voice... anything! With seven day a week lessons we fit your timetable and your skill level. It's never too late to give into your passions for learning something new or fun. Check out this seperate site for lesson information